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I Calle 79 b # 7-61  -5307704

-  8055972-  3158865770

                 Bogota Colombia


FRAME, directed by  Pedro Rhodes is  a  conservation marquetry  with more than 20  years of experience  in the market, which  offers  a  their  customers  high jobs  quality, made  with the  best materials and criteria  artistic to respect and  exalt  the individual characteristics of each  construction site.

We have more than 400 moldings, with various ironwork and imported guayas  in  stainless steel to make an assembly that is appropriate to the technique, size and weight of each work.  The most important for us also  of the quality of the materials used in our work, is the appropriate  handling and care of works of art.


Calle 79B # 7-61
Tel: 5307704


Bogotá - Colombia

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